37. Visit prehistory


Het preHistorisch Dorp
Boutenslaan 161 B
5644 TV Eindhoven
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A journey 15,000 years back in time. In the Prehistoric Village in Eindhoven you can meet hunters from the
Stone Age, farmers from prehistoric times and craftsmen from the Middle Ages. Have a chat and be surprised by the stories of their daily life. There is always wood to chop, bread to bake or a sword to forge. And there are many historical activities at any one time for all ages, such as archery, amulet making, pottery or tree-trunk canoeing.


  • Daily until january 1st, 2022
  • Het prehistorisch dorp is in de winterperiode een aantal maanden gesloten. Zie www.prehistorischdorp.nl voor de exacte openingstijden.