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67. A tasty bike ride

It is not hard to develop an ‘appetite’ for cycling in the Pelt area because of its unique recipe: a wholesome fifty kilometres of beautiful nature combined with a dash of convivial outdoor cafés, sprinkled with a mix of heritage gems. And to top it off: all lavishly covered with Limburg hospitality. Bon appétit! The menu of the ‘Riding and dining’ route consists of the following:
- Coffee and cake at Bakkerij ‘t Molentje
- An appetizer at De Wedelse Molen
- Soup at Bakkerij Cash & Co
- A main course at LAGO Pelt Dommelslag
- And dessert at Franciscushof


  • Zie verdere informatie over de openingstijden en reserveringen op de website van Happen & Trappen.