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Eindhoven, a quirky city full of energy. Eindhoven is a powerfully vibrant city. A city that makes it possible. A city bursting with energy. A city of thoughtfulness, industriousness and pleasure. The city is responsible for a constant flow of new developments in creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge.

Besides engineering and design, Eindhoven is also known for its range of stores in the city centre: department stores, specialty stores, design and concept stores and various catering establishments. The car-free streets, short walking distances and weekly shopping Sundays make Eindhoven an attractive shopping city.

The best backyard of Eindhoven

The Genneper Water Mill or Gennepermolen is located on the Genneperweg (on the banks of the Dommel) in Eindhoven and is part of Genneper Parken. The oldest recorded mention of the mill dates back to 21 April 1249, being the subject of a gift by one Lodderken and his wife to the Postel Norbertijner Priory. In 1583 – during the Eighty Years' War – the mill was completely destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1587.

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