Space aplenty, for one and all!

De Groote Heide offers fanatics and more laid-back visitors alike an impressive array of routes and recreation.  Long or short, rough or quiet, forest or moor, home-made lunchbox or outdoor café, quiet and secluded or among people? De Groote Heide has it all. De Groote Heide is every outdoor(wo)man's playground: from enjoying a favourite bench and taking a relaxed afternoon stroll or horseback ride, to working up a sweat on running shoes or racing bicycle.

So much space, so many possibilities!

Explore De Groote Heide with kids

Children that get out more often, are more healthy and feel better. In nature all manner of discoveries are lying in wait and children use their senses to the fullest. From smell to taste, sight, hearing, sense and movement. Going on treasure hunts, searching for animal tracks, birdwatching or discovering gnomes. It is all possible on De Groote Heide.