Accessibility & parking

Parking places

Thee Venbergen Water Mill in Valkenswaard

When setting off onto De Malpie, this is an ideal place to start and finish. Parking is also available, as well as canoe rental.  The address of the water mill is Molenstraat 211 in Valkenswaard. Directions >

De Strabrechtse Heide heathside café

Heathside café De Strabrechtse Heide is a popular starting point when exploring the magnificent natural beauty of the Strabrechtse Heide and an excellent and convenient place to enjoy a well-earned drink and snack. The address is Plaetse 71A in Heeze. Directions >

Stratumse Heide and Leenderheide

Within easy reach of Eindhoven is a car park near both the Stratumse Heide and Leenderheide.  The address is Rendierveld 45 in Eindhoven.  Directions >


This is a parking site owned by the Dutch Forestry Commission where you are instantly immersed in nature. It is located on the Strijperpad in Leende. This is an exit from the Valkenswaardseweg between Leende and Valkenswaard. Directions >

Domein de Bever

Café and restaurant Domein de Bever is located close to various cycling and walking routes in and around Hamont-Achel and within striking distance of the Beverbeekse Heide. The address is Beverbekerdijk 50 in Hamont-Achel. Directions >

Plateaux Hageven

Not far from the Plateaux Hageven nature reserve is the Hutten hospitality establishment in Lommel. An excellent place for a drink or bite to eat before or after your trip. The address is Luikersteenweg 626 in Lommel. Directions >

Plateaux Hageven Visitors' Centre

The Plateaux Hageven Visitors' Centre has a car park from where you can set out on several day trips. At the centre a wealth of information is available about local nature areas and wildlife. The address is Tussenstraat 10 in Neerpelt. Directions > 

Klankenbos Sound Forest, Boseind Play Forest and Kolisbos Play Forest

Parking is available at the Provincial Domain Dommelhof in Neerpelt. The Klankenbos is part of this domain. The car park is within easy reach of the Klankenbos, and the Boseind and Kolisbos play forests are also nearby. The address is Toekomstlaan 5 in Neerpelt. Directions >

Near the Achelse Kluis

At Brouwersstraat 17 in Hamont-Achel there are several parking options. From here Cranendonck is just around the corner and the Achelse Kluis is also within striking distance. In short, an excellent point of departure for cyclists. The address is Brouwersstraat 17 in Hamont-Achel. Directions >

At the Achelse Kluis

Many walking and cycling routes call at the Achelse Kluis. It is a popular destination and start or end point of many routes. Parking is of course also available at the Achelse Kluis. The address is De Kluis 1 in Hamont-Achel. Directions >

Café de Hospes

Café de Hospes is a cyclist café and starting point of many bicycle routes, complete with car park.  The Achelse Kluis, Cranendonck Castle and the Leenderbos are all within reach. Plenty to choose from, therefore, for visitors to the area. The address is Strijperdijk 46 in Leende. Directions >