Pelt and its wellknown Belgian hospitality

Unique blend of culture and nature

Many a visitor has found their way to Pelt. It is, after all, rich in both nature and culture, and home to many inviting restaurants and nightlife establishments. In summer many youth associations descend upon Pelt for their annual camps.

Pelt is a place where culture and nature come together, blending dynamic and natural elements. The way in which these two are intertwined in Pelt is truly quite exceptional. An excellent example is Musica's Klankenbos (Sound Forest) – culture in nature – in the city centre.

Sports in nature

Pelt offers many opportunities for sports and recreation in healthy surroundings. Take the extensive cycling network, for example, or the hiking trails through nature reserves. And if you prefer to travel on horseback, there is also a network of bridle paths. Water sports fans can take to the canal or paddle down the Dommel to Valkenswaard in a canoe.

Vibrant city life next to gorgeous green

Pelt is more than just a picturesque green municipality with a high quality of living. The area is also known for its vibrant city centre, beautiful surrounding nature, festive events, nice shops and exciting bars and cafes…

Water as a life line

The river Dommel passes through Neerpelt. This small river constitutes, for a while, the border between Neerpelt and Overpelt and then flows through the Plateaux-Hageven nature reserve, crosses the border with the Netherlands to continue its path across De Groote Heide in the direction of Eindhoven.

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