Budel Dorplein


De schakel
St. Barbaraweg 1
6024 AR Budel Dorplein
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Budel-Dorplein is one of the smaller centres of the municipality of Cranendonck. It is a unique
historic village that bears the title of “protected rural area” since 2011. It is well worth a visit! 
In 1892, a zinc factory was built on this location by the Dor brothers, Emile and Luciene. The permit
for the establishment of the zinc factory was conditional on the provision of housing, education and
necessary basic facilities for workers. This led to the creation of an entire village: Budel-Dorplein.
Everything and everyone in the village was in service to the zinc plant: the parish priest, the
schoolteachers and even local police.
Places of interest 
There are many interesting sights for visitors to this special village, including 't Prisonneke (a mini

prison), the sundial, the former Cantine theatre, the zinc factory, the groundwater level gauge and
the insect wall.