De Malpie access gate


De Venbergse Watermolen
Molenstraat 211
5556 TA Valkenswaard
Plan your route

A visit to the De Malpie nature reserve is about making choices. There are many hiking and cycling
opportunities here, but you can also head out in a canoe or explore the area on horseback. This area
entrance at the edge of nature reserve De Malpie is an excellent starting point for various trips.
And the area is about more than just breathtakingly beautiful nature. Why not visit the Carriage
Museum, for example, for a bit of culture. Or treat yourself to delicious artisanal ice cream at the
Malpie Hoeve. And whatever you do, do not forget to stop by the Venberg Water Mill, which is a
great place to rest up before, during or after your trip on or along the water.