Aalsterhut / Mie Pils' cabin


Hut van Mie Pils
Leenderweg 1
5583 TC Waalre
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The Aalsterhut, better known as “De Hut van Mie Pils” (Mie Pils’ cabin) or simply Mie Pils, is the
perfect stopover for hikers, cyclists, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. This tavern is located at a
junction of hiking and cycling routes in the middle of the woods of Waalre.
It being a “cabin” refers to it being a stop on an old stagecoach route. Such stops were often built in
isolated places halfway between villages. Other places on De Groote Heide that still refer to these
times are the “Leenderhut,” the “Heezerhut,” and the “Vresselse Hut.”
So put up your feet, fill up your stomach with a nice lunch and enjoy a well-earned drink. The ice
cream cake and apple pie are also very much worth it!