Leenderheide? Groote Heide


Leenderheide (Hut van Mie Pils)
Leenderweg 1
5583 TC Waalre
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The Leenderheide (or Groote Heide) is located east of Eindhoven, nestled between the A67 and A2
highways. Part of the area is known as the Groote Heide, identical to the name of our nature border
The Leenderheide has excellent connections to surrounding nature reserves and is therefore very
suitable for long walks. Animals wishing to migrate from one area to another can safely make the
crossing thanks to ecoducts built by Brabants Landschap. 
One of several places to start your exploration of this beautiful heathland and forest area is the
parking lot at the Hut van Mie Pils.