De Wulp area entrance


De Wulp
Tussenstraat 10
3910 Pelt
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Boundaries blur in the Hageven-De Plateaux nature reserve. Before you know it, you will have
crossed from Belgium into the Netherlands, or vice versa! A hike here leads you through woodland,
across heathland and past fens and dry sandy soils. The best start of your trip is at the De Wulp
nature gateway.
A short visit to the visitor centre will help you identify what special plants and animals to look out for
along the way. An exhibition wall explains the different biomes of the nature reserve in more detail.
And make sure to also check out the insect garden while you are there. 
Purple meadows
Springtime is an enchanting season here, as this is when the orchids are in bloom. These flowers
flourish on the remarkable water meadows: a water system that dates back to the early nineteenth
century. And in fall the meadows turn purple from the blooming autumn crocuses.