Stratumse Heide


Stratumse Heide
Stratumse Heide
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The Stratumse Heide is an area between Eindhoven and Geldrop. It is a very bumpy kind of
heathland as a lot of driftsand has deposited here over the years. These sand hills then became
overgrown after the 1930s. It is a special area that attracts many amphibians. There are a great many
frogs here, for example, due to the alternation between high and low and dry and wet.
Some Scottish Highlanders, a type of cattle, also freely roam the area. Their foraging brings even
more variety to the area.
The Stratumse Heide has a number of fens, the most important of which is the Kanunnikesven. Some
beautiful plants grow here, such as purple marshlock and bogbean. 
Area manager
The Stratumse Heide is managed by Brabants Landschap.