Heeze-Leende. Space for masterpieces!

A municipality with a rich history, many sights and beautiful nature

Heeze-Leende is a Dutch municipality on De Groote Heide. A large part of the nature border park falls within the boundaries of the municipality, mainly because of areas such as the Leenderbos and Strabrechtse Heide. Heeze-Leende therefore has many routes and places that you can spend many an hour or day exploring.

Municipality of culture

Cycling and hiking paradise

Heeze-Leende is connected to a cycling and hiking network that takes hikers and cyclists past the most beautiful, greenest and most surprising places of Heeze-Leende. The Strabrechtse Heide, for example, or the Leenderbos, the Herbertusbossen, the Pan or the protected rural area of Leenderstrijp with its delightful longhouse farms. The area also attracts many a skater, equestrian or parasailer.

Endless space for excercise and relaxation

The municipality of Heeze-Leende consists of the villages of Heeze, Leende, Sterksel and Leenderstrijp, and is situated in the backyard of Eindhoven. The unique surroundings have a overwhelmingly varied natural richness that stretches right up to the Belgian border. In addition to hikers and cyclists the area has much to offer skaters, mountain bikers and equestrians. Paragliders are presented with enviable views of Heeze Castle and its surrounding forests, farmlands and kilometres of natural beauty.

Municipality of culture

In addition to an abundance of green, Heeze-Leende is also known for its annual Brabant Day in late August. This cultural 9-day festival, combined with a grand parade, draws visitors from far and wide with its seemingly endless entertainment. The many galleries, exhibition spaces and sculpture gardens of Heeze, Leende, Sterksel and Leenderstrijp also have much to interest art lovers, including the opportunity to take part in various creative workshops. 

Heeze-Leende has a rich history, a great many points of interest and gorgeous nature, and invites you to enjoy it all.

About the municipality

Heeze-Leende is a municipality in the province of Noord-Brabant that was created on 1 January 1997 by combining the municipalities of Heeze and Leende, as well as the village of Sterksel, which used to belong to the municipality of Maarheeze. The municipality has 15,644 residents and stretches across 105.12 km² (of which 0.83 km² of water).

Want to know more? Please visit the website of Heeze-Leende or the website of VVV De Groote Heide.

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