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Beautiful and diverse routes

De Groote Heide has an large network of hiking trails, bicycle tracks, horse riding tracks and cycling and MTB routes. You can easily use the network for day trips or a visit for multiple days. And all this against the background of gorgeous and diverse forests, heaths, moors, brooks, small steams and countryside. Are you looking for some peace and quiet, also near your home, look no further, just explore 'De Groote Heide'!

The best routes

Amazing places in an amazing area

We selected some of the most unique sights and listed these sights. Explore De Groote Heide and combine your hiking or cycling trip with a visit to one of these amazing places!

Best sights

Looking for some pleasure? Just explore nature.

No matter if you are hiking, cycling, running, trail running or riding a horse across De Groote Heide.... As long as you enjoy it! Looking for a day trip with the kids, family or friends? You will enjoy the range of activities in De Groote Heide!

Best activities

De Groote Heide is a diverse and wide-ranged nature area of exceptional value.

Jos Tielen


Stretching from Hamont-Achel and Pelt (BE) to the green outskirts of Eindhoven (NL) lies a diverse and wide-ranged frontier nautre area of exceptional value. Its unique biodiversity, the variety of smaller nature areas and the ever-present heaths and streams make De Groote Heide a magical place. 

It is easy to wander alone through this huge area without being disturbed. Explore the area in different ways, every day, every season... discover your new experience on the website. 

The six municipalities of Cranendonck (NL), Heeze-Leende(NL), Eindhoven(NL), Hamont-Achel(BE), Pelt(BE) and Valkenswaard(NL)) have joined forces to treasure 'their' natural beauty and increase the awareness of the nature in our own municipalities together.